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Summer Camp 2023 with INDIGO Brilliant

1st of August - 14th of August

1st of July - 14th of august 2023
Summer Camp 2023 with INDIGO Brilliant offers you the unique opportunity to visit and explore many of the most beautiful cities and places of Central Europe, learning the pearls of its rich history and culture. This expansive journey is also complemented by the stimulating and fun educational sessions which will help you to better appreciate the awe-inspiring wonders of Central Europe!

Make the most of your summer break with us:
In this trip you will:
  • visit many beautiful cities in Czech Republic and its neighbor countries - Austria, Slovakia Germany, Hungary
  • test delicious Hungarian goulash
  • feel yourself like in Venice in the boat ride Prague Venice tour
  • see with your own eyes the grandeur of the capital of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire
  • enjoy canoe ride in the city center of Cesky Krumlov
  • take a swim in beautiful nature resort Mala Amerika after hiking in Karlstejn
  • walk along the famous Charles Bridge in Prague and learn its magic numbers, you will also meet the Prague ghosts and learn their legends
  • enjoy outside termal pool in Karlovy Vary with breathtaking view on the city
  • and a lot more...
Highlights of the trip

Budapest is a city where our students can experience among other things, oldest thermal baths in Europe, hearty food, and beautiful architecture.

Dresden and Bastei Bridge
We will spend an exciting day in the former German capital of Saxon Switzerland. The Chocolate Lady and Sistine Madonne will wait for us in the Dresden Old Masters Gallery. Best combination of history, culture and nature.
Prague Ghost Tour
Prague, like a real medieval city, is rich in legends and ghosts that guard the city and frighten tourists.
Black Light theater

We will visit an exciting show of the play of shadows and light, which is so loved in Prague.

Canoe in Cesky Krumlov
Český Krumlov State Castle and Château is the second largest castle and château complex in the Czech Republic. Here, you enjoy beautiful sights during our canoe ride.
Between BUDA and PEST
Let`s discover with INDIGO Brilliant gorgeous Budapset. You will learn a lot about history and enjoy your time in termal spa (Budapest is officially called SPA capital). Special programm for students 18+.
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Summer Camp Schedule

August , 1 - 14
Tuesday, August 1st
09:00 - Registration
11:00 - Introduction lecture
12:30 - Lunch
14:00 - City walk with teamleaders
18:00 - Dinner
19:00 - Bobsleigh
Wednesday, August 2
09:00 - Breakfast (8-10 am)
11:00 - Prague city tour
14:30 - Lunch
16:00 - Kampa with  teamleaders
18:00 - Barbecue party in campus
Thursday, August 3
Kutna Hora trip
08:00 - Breakfast
09:00 - journey to Kutna Hora by bus

11:00 - Kutna Hora silver museum
14:30 - Lunch
16:00 - Kostnice
20:00 - Dinner in Prague
Friday, August 4
Budapest trip
07:00 - Breakfast takeaway
08:00 - journey by train
13:30 - Lunch in the train
15:00 - Check-in hostel Budapest
17:00 - Termal bath pool
20:00 - Dinner
21:00 - Evening walk
Saturday, August 5
Budapest trip
08:00 - Breakfast (8-9 am)
10:00 - Budapest central market
13:30 - Lunch in the market with traditional goulash
15:00 - Guided walk tour
19:00 - Dinner
21:00 - Evening walk Fisherman castle
Sunday, August 6
Budapest trip
08:00 - Breakfast (8-9 am)
10:00 - New York caffe visiting
14:30 - Lunch in the train
21:00 - Pizza in the dorm
Monday, August 7

08:00 - Breakfast (8-10 am)
11:00 - Prague Venice boat tour
14:30 - Lunch
15.30 - Letna with teamledaers
19:00 - Dinner
21:00 - Sunset in Riegrovy sady
Tuesday, August 8
07:00 - Breakfast
10:00 - Bastei Saxon Swiss National Park
14:30 - Lunch
15.30 - Dresden, guided city tour
16:00 - Free time in Dresden or Visiting Dresden Build Gallery
19:30 - Dinner in Prague
Wednesday, August 9

08:00 - Breakfast (8-10 am)
10:00 - Wooden doll workshop
13:30 - Lunch
15.30 - National museum in Prague or free time with teamleaders
19:30 - Dinner Pork knee tasting
20.30 - Petrin and funicular, Stefanic observatory
Thursday, August 10
Cesky Krumlov
07:00 - Breakfast
10:00 - Ceske Budejovice arrival
10:30 - cycling to Hluboka nad Vltavou castle
13:30 - Lunch takeway
15.30 - Cesky Krumlov arriving
19:30 - Dinner
20.30 - Evening walk in the town
Friday, August 11
Cesky Krumlov
08:00 - Breakfast
10:00 - rafting trip (about 3 hours) or castle visiting
14:30 - Lunch
15:30 - journey to Prague
19:30 - Dinner in Prague
Saturday, August 12
08:00 - Breakfast (8-10)
10:00 - Vysehrad legends and game
14:30 - Lunch
15:30 - Jump park
19:30 - Dinner
Sunday, August 13
Hike to Karlstejn
08:00 - Breakfast (8-10)
11:00 - Travel to Karlstejn by train
14:30 - Lunch takeaway
14:30 - Hike to Karlstejn and swim in Mala Amerika
18:30 - Dinner in Karlstejn
19.30 - journey to Prague
Sunday, August 14
Good bye Prague
For ones who stay longer in Prague in that day we prepare trip to Bobsleigh

Included in the price

Traveling in Europe

Moving around the cities in comfortable buses and by train.


We provide comfortable stay in VSE dormitory in Prague 3 Jarov. 15 mins away from the city center by tram.

3 meals per day

Complex breakfast, lunch and dinner with different type of cuisine.

Leisure program

Large entertainment program in Prague and beyond, with day trips and weekend getaways.

All of this just for 1500 € for 2 weeks

Unique to Indigo Brilliant, we provide our students with accommodation in VSE dormitory near the center of the Czech capital in the historical and beautiful Žižkov district. Just 15 minutes by tram to Prague’s Old Town Square, the modern accommodation features two public parks, ideal for hosting our regular barbeque parties. The nearby aquatic center features both indoor and outdoor pools, making it a fun activity in all weather conditions. Also nearby are three large supermarkets.
Come hungry to the Indigo Brilliant Camp!
Provided are three meals a day with plenty of choice, so you will always find something delicious on your plate.
Traditional European cuisine offered.
Leisure program
The entertainment and cultural aspects of the Indigo Brilliant Camp combine with the various historical tourist attractions of Prague while sharing the exciting, modern culture of the Czech youth, including attending to modern art exhibitions and participation in various Czech festivals.

Included in the program are visits to:

Prague Castle
A guided walking tour
Prague Venice boat tour
Charles Bridge museum
Hiking in Karlstejn
Sport activities
Day/3 days trips
Barbeque parties
Bobsleigh (Bobova draha)
Prague ZOO
Museums and galleries
Farewell party
What you can expect in INDIGO Brilliant summer camp
Our summer camp is a combination of culture an sport activities. Beautiful hike or canoe ride will definitely take you to the Middle Age Castle.
  • Budapest
    In 3 days we will not only see beautiful sides of Budapest but we will also take a swim in termal water. For students 18+ we will prepare a special night program.
  • Dresden and Bastei park
    Our guide will take you to Bastei park for hiking. And after that you will visit the capital of Saxon region - Dresden which has completely destroyed during the 2nd War and then rebuilt from scratch.
  • Karlstejn and swim in Mala Amerika
    We will hike to Karlštejn - which was founded by Charles IV in 1348 as a treasury for the imperial regalia and his collection of priceless relics.
  • Kutna Hora trip to find a silver
    In the Middle Ages it was a rich city where a lot of silver was mined. In this trip you will see how hard it was to extract silver. We will visit Kostnice (The Church on bones).
  • Prague Venice boat trip
    Feel like you are in Venice by taking our boat trip down by Vltava river. Our capitan will offer you some drinks and refreshments while you listen to the tour guide.
  • Cesky Krumlov
    3-day trip to Cesky Krumlov will be full of fun and sport activities, including canoe trip, bysicle trip to castle Hluboka nad Vltavou and evening fun games.
What people say about us
I really enjoyed my trip to Europe. I met a lot of new friends, which I still talk with today, and have had many interesting experiences. I especially liked Czechia, with the Karlov Bridge being a very beautiful attraction, and the Mines at Kutna Hora giving me a fun experience. I recommend this trip.

Alex, student from MD, USA, summer 2022

Очень понравилась поездка в Чехию. Много забавных событий произошло за время отдыха, которые можно будет вспоминать всю жизнь. Хочу повторить это путешествие еще раз.

Кирилл, студент

Ездили на стажировку в Прагу в 2014, изучали язык и проводили спортивные сборы по боксу. Очень поправилось, хорошая организация, отнеслись внимательно во всех вопросах, проводили, встретили на месте и курировали на протяжении всех 17 дней, что мы там провели. Организовали проживание, питание, тренировки спортивные (в которые входил тренажерный зал, зал бокса и бассейн) и интересную экскурсионную программу. Также оформили визы. Остались только самые теплые впечатления!

Как руководитель и старший тренер Боксерского клуба Шторм ( , выражаю огромную благодарность компании Indigo Brilliant и ее работникам, за незабываемое времяпровождение. Всем очень понравилось, обязательно повторим.

Роман Асланов, куратор

Привет! Я ездила на летнюю школу английского языка летом 2018. Все было здорово, преподаватель американец, много развлечений и свободное время. На занятиях много разговаривали и играли, а организаторы школы проводили с нами много времени, показывали интересные места Праги, гуляли. Особенно круто было кататься на лодке по Влтаве! Общежитие, в котором мы жили, вполне приличное, классный вид на Прагу (мы жили на каком-то очень высоком этаже). Ну и сам район, в котором жили, тоже очень приятный, рядом милые домики и маленький парк, и до центра можно быстро доехать на трамвае.

Арина, студентка

Prague Camps with INDIGO Brilliant
Prague INDIGO Brilliant camp
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